Sponsor A Student

It is with humility, gratitude and the utmost of excitement that we officially announce the long-awaited HighSchool Project! The next level of the AlManarat evolution is something that is completely different and unique in its own rank.

Over the past few months, with careful deliberation, we hand-picked a team to serve the community in the capacity beyond middle school. The AlManarat HighSchool is a unique project and we can comfortably say that nothing exists quite like it. It is truly a beyond AP (Advance Placement) program and centered on ensuring that the most fundamental success skills are mastered by the students.

Al-Manarat High school with Allah by our side aims to create leaders that will be torch bearers of the future generation and InshaAllah for generations to come.

This blessed month has brought with it a great opportunity to create your Sadaqah Jariyyah. We need children educated not just in the matter of the worldly sciences but also in the matter of Akhirah.

Every prophet had concern for their children. If we can help educate 1 child, we will preserve and build an entire generation.

Come help us in our journey to preserve the imaan of our young leaders and provide an education that is beyond excellence not available in conventional offerings.

Funds are needed for:
– Student sponsorship
– Rent
– Science Lab
– Books
– Start
– up cost

E-transfer your funds to info@almanaratacademy.com
or visit
to help us preserve the minds of Muslimyouth and increase their conviction in Allah swt.