Parental Agreement Form



a) I take full responsibility to enroll my child at Al-Manarat Heights and to pay, on the specified times, all tuition fees, dues, accounts, and other indebtedness incurred by my child.
b) I understand and agree that the school will not be responsible for anything that may happen as a result of false information given or information withheld at the time of enrolment, on “Registration Form”, “Financial Contract Form”, “Medical Form” and any such false information may lead to my child’s dismissal from the school.
c) I agree to provide all supporting documentations required on “Registration Form”.
d) I am financially responsible and agree to the terms and conditions provided in “Financial Contract Form”.
e) In the case of absence, withdrawal or removal from the school or any of its services, I am still obliged to pay all applicable fees as provided in the “Financial Contract Form”.
f) I further understand that, if the tuition fee is outstanding, the student will not be eligible to resumes classes until such time as the outstanding amount has been cleared.
g) In the event that any school related fees, text books, library books or any other material belonging to Al-Manarat Heights are outstanding, report cards will not be issued until such time as the outstanding account has been cleared.
h) I understand that Al-Manarat Heights does not have the resources or facilities to accommodate special needs students, gifted children and children with learning and physical disabilities.
i) I hereby grant permission for my child to be included in any pictures and /or video connected with the school program and promotion of the school.
j) I understand that Al-Manarat or it’s teachers or it’s students are not responsible for the activities of individual students on social media platforms.
k) I hereby grant permission for my child to use all the play equipment and to participate in all school activities.
l) I hereby grant permission for my child to use the internet for academic purposes.
m) I hereby grant permission for my child to ride a school bus and leave the school premises under the supervision of a staff member to participate in school trips. I understand that if my child is not participating, he or she must stay home.
n) I understand that no parent can misbehave with the school staff or any other student. Any serious concerns should be brought to the administration and the administration along with the parents will mediate the situation in an officially capacity.
o) I understand that the stuudents will arrive to school between 8am and 8:15am and no later than 8:30am. A student who enters after 8:30am will be marked late. If the student is late more than three times in a semester, then progressive disciplinary action will be taken.
p) I understand that if a student needs to speak with a parent during school hours, they should get a written notice from the class teacher to the administrator. If the administrator feels necessary, then the admin will communicate with the parent directly. The students will not be interrupted from their class to speak with the parents.
q) I have read, understood and agree to comply and follow the policies and procedures and code of conduct as stated in the Al-Manarat Heights “School Policy Manual”.
r) I acknowledge that I have read and understood the description of Al-Manarat Heights and have had all of my questions answered to my satisfaction and that I am aware of the programs which my child will be participating in as a student of Al-Manarat Heights.