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Professional Development 5

Professional Development 5

Professional Spiritual Development (PSD) Day

The PSD is a unique AlManarat venture. The professional spiritual development day is a once-a-month teacher’s training and enhancement program to ensure that the school functions at its optimum. Besides learning new academic strategies and classroom management and optimization skills, teachers also part-take in presentations to allow for mutual learning platforms


The Mustangs basketball program is an ever-growing and thriving program that has, in the recent past, yielded medals and trophies for the school. The Middle School boys and girls train with coaches and enhance their athletic abilities, engage in strength training, and of course, try to refine their basketball skills. Through the program, students develop team-building and cooperation skills, they develop grit, hand-eye coordination, and most importantly a strong sense of spirit and purpose

Math Competition

Competitions are a part of the ethos at AlManarat. Students engage in 10 annual competitions throughout the year and many mini-competitions within their classes. One such competition is for Mathematics. Since the school prepares students to ace their Highschool Math curriculum, the Math competitions at AlManarat are a vibrant part of the study experience. Students compete with each other on pre-requisite knowledge, their core curriculum, and thinking and inquiry problems as well.

Spelling Bee

The Annual Spelling bee always spurs nerves with students competing first with their classmates and then with their grade grouping. It allows teachers to expose students to a plethora of words by which their vocabulary can be expanded and allows students to see one of the mysteries of the English language, its ubiquitous use of odd spellings

Qur’anic Vocabulary Competition

The pursuit of the mastery of the Qur`an is impossible without getting well-acquainted with the Arabic language and the Arabic language is out of reach for anyone who does not take vocabulary seriously. At AlManarat, students are access to the vocabulary of the Qur`an through this competition. They memorize and internalize the vocabulary of the Qur`an and learn to correctly translate the Arabic terms into Modern English in the hopes that their journey to the Qur`an will be facilitated.

Debate Competition

The annual debate competition, although a new feature to the school, is of the most promising and invigorating endeavors. Students learn to posit their viewpoints with evidence and then respectfully rebut their opponents so that truth can fizzle through.

The Science Fair

Education is rooted in books and the wisdom of the teachers but much of it comes from lived experience. The science fair gives students the opportunity to live taste the bliss and blisters of applied science. It further grounds the students, with some level of proficiency, in the theory of their respective projects and gives them the tools to articulate the scientific model through their presentation.

The Qur`an Competition

The Qur`an competition is definitely one of the highlights of the AlManarat Experience. Students are placed in different groups based on their Qur`anic competency and then compete, with the utmost of comportment and mutual respect, in mastering the passage that they have memorized. The Qur`an competition often brings about the best in the students and allows for long-term benefit through the memorization of a significant portion of the Qur`an


Dec 18 2020


8:00 am - 3:00 pm


Al-Manarat Heights
2550 Argentia Rd Unit #121, Mississauga, ON L5N 5R1, Canada


Al-Manarat Heights Islamic School
905-997-0260 905-997-0269

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