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Assalamulaikum Wa Rahmatullah,

Allah has entrusted us at Al-Manarat Islamic High School with a great responsibility. The responsibility to be torch bearers for the next generation.

We feel very passionately about this and we take our role very seriously. Al-Manarat Islamic High School has been very fortunate that Allah ‘azzwajal has enabled us to mentor some very bright and talented young minds from Casa to Grade 12. It is now time to notch up the flame of our torch so that more children can benefit from it.

Allah has again humbled us with the responsibility to guide students through their High School journey and this my dear parents wouldn’t have been possible without Allah’s mercy coupled with your enormous trust in us.

Because of the hard work and dedication of our Elementary teachers and staff and your many duas we are here today, ringing the door bells of Al-Manarat Islamic High School.

InshAllah with your support again we will be able to create a future generation which will recognize the importance of Deen. We dream of a generation that will conquer this duniya armed with the knowledge of our beautiful deen.

May Allah keep us passionate this day and everyday so that we can together materialize our dream.

May Allah bless this school now and always with his Mercy.


– Kiflien Shaikh


Admissions Open - 2021/2022

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